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With Xclaims! software any physician or office administrator can easily manage everyday claim transactions. With just the click of a button efficiency and productivity are increased, which ultimately leads to significant cost reductions and more control of the reimbursement cycle.  There will be no more waiting for report responses to identify errors on claims submitted. Within seconds of claim submission, you will know if it is accepted or rejected. If your claim is rejected it will have a detailed message on the reason and you will be able to correct and immediately resubmit the claim from within the Xclaims! Application.

From that point on, every related message from the clearinghouse and the payer is electronically attached to the claim and the claim status is updated.  Xclaims! gives you the ability to track the current status and every response message that applies to the individual claim, correct rejected claims immediately, and create customized reports to more efficiently manage your processes.  Eliminate the need for paper report tracking and process claims in an organized and efficient manner with Xclaims!
Our Innovative Solution
Are you tired of the mountains of reports and the time it takes to track status on your electronic claims?  Are you tired of payers coming back and stating that they never received your claim?  Imspro, Inc. has created a new product interface with our claims clearinghouse to answer all of your claims problems!  
Your Business Need
“I would HIGHLY suggest this for other medical offices.  You cannot possibly understand the level of stress that has decreased and the efficiencies that have increased in the short time since the transition.  My employees are excited about the immediate results and I am eagerly anticipating the return of investment that I can already foresee.

I couldn't believe that in 2 hours, my life was changed for the better.  No glitches, no delays, etc. This is the way it SHOULD be!!!  “

David C. Gooch
 Business Manager
 Sophia Meyer Family Medicine
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The Benefits
Enables claims submissions using your existing physician practice management system claims data.

Real-Time Eligibility Check.

Internet based 24/7 access from any desktop.

Improved claim acceptance rates.

Automation that saves time & money.

Improved staff productivity.

Gain customized reporting capabilities.
End lengthy and costly phone follow-ups tracking the status of your outstanding claims.

Real-Time status inquiry.

Print Proof of Timely Filing letters from within the application.

Electronically file secondary claims.

Track claims by status.

Electronic Remittance Advice attached at the claim level.

View all claims status messages and edits per claim.