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Claim Manager is the core module of the XClaims! System that improves the entire billing and collections process from claim submission to workflow management. Claim Manager loads your claims, automatically checks them for errors and shows which claims are valid and which need to be corrected. Users can easily create, correct and track claims while reducing rejections. Users can also manager the revenue cycle for every claim, including secondary claims and Workers' Compensation claims.

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  • Send claims to payers electronically.

  • over 98.5% first-pass clean claim rate.

  • Get real-time claim status instantly.

  • Correct invalid claims online in real-time.

  • Click on a claim to see: complete history, current status(valid or invalid) and all payer responses.

  • Secondary Claims - Easily create and edit. Identify invalid claims with ease.

  • Challenge underpayments successfully before it is too late.

  • Prove claims were filed on time with the integrated "Timely Filing Letter".

  • File Workers' Compensation claims electronically and include supporting documents.

  • Access all claim data from a single screen to check status, make corrections and resubmit claims

  • Claim Manager can integrate with your Practice Management system.

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