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Clinical Claim Scrubber will assist your office with the many challenges facing your physician practice. Dealing with denied or rejected claims may be the most costly and, fortunately, the most preventable problem you face.  Our Clinical Claim Scrubber, powered by Alpha II, can effectively check your claims for accuracy prior to submission by applying a pre-configured set of edits. Performing standard structural validation and advanced clinical claim scrubbing, Clinical Claim Scrubber quickly returns clear and concise error messages in an easy-to-read, integrated response report. Also, only the portion of the report that is relevant to a specific claim is attached to that claim for immediate reference and correction.

Clean up your coding with our Clinical Claim Scrubber and significantly decrease rejections and denials; realize more accurate, optimal reimbursement and reduce AR days.

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  • Analyze claims from the payers' perspective

  • Scrub both institutional and professional claims

  • Edits can be configured by claim type

  • Create and customize edits for your practice

  • Incredibly intuitive and easy-to-read HTML response report

  • An XML response report may be ported to your PMS

  • Scrubber messages are parsed and attached to each invalid claim for easy and immediate reference

  • Assign invalid claims to specific users by error type

  • Disable or enable based on payer or claim type

  • Sequence codes by highest RVUs

  • Check CPT/ICD-10 combos to ensure medical necessity

  • Supports ICD-10 procedure and diagnosis codes

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