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ERA Denial Manager is a powerful tool designed to track, manage and report data trends for all incoming ERAs. Providers are able to view transactions denied for a specific group or reason code, print an EOB for a specific claim, assign denials to staff for follow-up, and view the detail payment and allowed amounts for a billed charge. ERA Denial Manager Reports provide a statistical analysis of ERA data, providing you a detailed view of trends in denials by Reason Code, Top 10 Denials, and Expected Payment Amounts. Used in tandem with XClaims! Claim Manager provides physician offices a powerful tool.

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  • Provides detailed view of all ERA Transactions in an ERA file. Detailed view includes: charge amount, amount paid, allowed amount, Claim Adjustment Group and Reason Codes.

  • Provides ability to sort ERA transactions by CPT code, check number, Payer, Claims Adjustment Group and Claim Adjustment Reason Code and Status.

  • Allows the user to view ERA transactions by status, including Denied ERA Transactions.

  • Through the Denial Screen, users can add notes while workiing denials that will be attached to the ERA transaction. Users can also add a follow-up status to the ERA transaction such as Paid, Appealed, etc.

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