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Task Manager is an integrated part of Xclaims! that allows a user to create tasks. These tasks will assist the user in creating a product workflow in Xclaims! thus ensuring follow-up on important transactions.  Task Manager allows you to create tasks to follow-up on rejected or invalid claims, Timely Filing, denied claims, invalid eligibility requests, denied ERA transactions and open support issues.

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  • Allows user to create tasks for all modules: Claim Manager, Eligibility Manager and Support Manager.

  • Standard with Xclaims! installation and the starting app for a user.

  • Tasks are dynamic and totals are updated as transactions are worked and new items are received.

  • Users can create tasks to view transactions by their status, aging date, dollar amount, provider and other additional selection criteria.

  • Task types are tied to the corresponding window in Xclaims! allowing the user to have full functionality from the Task Manager screen.

  • Administrators can view tasks at the entity level or enterprise-wide.

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